Focus Areas

While Pensivetastic focuses on the support of nonprofits and for-profit small businesses, we are here to aid any size company in helping you achieve your goals.

Our focus areas are examples of our most recent areas of impact. This list is not comprehensive. We would love to talk with you about your company's needs.



Comprehensive information and referral providers like 211 have unique needs. Our experts can help you improve your 211 center and express your community's impact.



988 and crisis center hotlines have more immediate needs due to the imminent risk of inquirers. Let us help you get your 988 centers meeting standards.


Call Center Support

Call centers support the client experience and can have a big impact on your company's brand. Work with us to make sure your company is on target to meet your strategies and impact goals.


Centralized Intake Centers

Centralized intake centers make the first impression for your company. Start your customer journey on the right footing.


Community Information Exchanges (CIE)

Community Information Exchanges (CIE) are people-driven strategies that help elevate data and technology solutions to improve community coordination. Develop technology strategies, governance, and community voice models that improve community collaboration.


Specialized Information and Referral (I&R)

Specialized information and referral providers often are the lifeline for many seeking special needs. Ensure your center is providing the best care for your community.