Data & Technology

Data & Technology

Vital to the success of any company is data & technology. Customers and employees demand streamlined processes and better support. What is your IT strategy?

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Community Information Exchange (CIE)

Community Information Exchanges (CIE) are people-driven strategies that help elevate data and technology solutions to improve community coordination. Develop technology strategies, governance, and community voice models that improve community collaboration.

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CRM Administration

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is critical to today's business operations. Let us help you put a tool in place, upgrade it, or transition to a new system. We can also help you with ongoing maintenance options.

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Data Analysis

What story is your data telling you about your services and client journey? Let us help you highlight your company's impact.

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Data Integration Strategies

Data integration strategies are important to your overall business success. Establishing your goals, understanding your technical capacity, and developing strategies to achieve your company goals.

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Report Generation

Ensure compliance with regulatory reporting and be transparent to your customers and funding partners. Let us know how we can help you with your reporting needs.

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Software Implementation

Setting up a new tool for your business can be daunting. We're experienced administrators of software systems and implementing new tools for your customers and staff. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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Technology Evaluation

Whether evaluating or seeking new technology, let us help you find the best next step for your business. From Software as a Solution (SaaS) models to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools or business or call center phone systems, we're available to help you make an informed choice.